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Cicli Tonti from 1949


Cicli Tonti is pleased to offer every customer all they require in the shortest time possible and at the best prices on the market.  

OUR ADVENTURE BEGAN back in 1949 when Antonio Tonti, who was born in 1932 and who had loved bicycles from a very early age, began to pick up mechanical skills by working for various motorbike mechanics’. But he was soon to realize that his true love were bicycles.  

When he was only 15 years old, he decided to put his innate business sense to good use with very meagre resources and little equipment (one pair of pincers and a shop barely 16m2). He opened his own business even though times were very hard, as Italy had just come out of World War II. With a lot of hard work mending bikes and buying old ones that he would recondition and sell, he began to gain credibility and a good clientele.
At the same time, he started his cycling career. He was an excellent beginner and soon moved on to the Juniores and then finally to the Senior categories, gaining a lot of personal satisfaction from the experience.

Work was going very well and the company began to expand. He opened a larger shop thus expanding business even further. Not even compulsory conscription managed to diminish his will to succeed. To the contrary, when he returned home from military service, he built a small mechanic’s garage with a bicycle shop next door. Over the years this business was to expand increasingly since his reliability and professional approach to work were very much appreciated by an ever growing number of cycling enthusiasts and professionals.

With his marriage to Ines and the arrival of his two children Emanuela and Rodolfo, management of the company gained a lot of impulse. The new generation has brought a modern approach to the family business by keeping up to date with the most recent innovations that are available on the market.


TODAY CICLI TONTI has a shop that is over 1200 m2, which is situated in via S. Allende n° 99 in Cattolica (Rimini). The shop offers a very wide range of cycling components, technical clothing, shoes, and dietary supplements.

Its warehouse numbers over 1000 bicycles of all brands to suit all requirements from highly technological bikes for professional cyclist, to children’s bikes, and bikes for cycling enthusiasts.

The mechanic’s garage is run by highly qualified technical staff that is ready to solve all your problems with courtesy, professionalism, and efficiency.